Katherine Low, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Chaplain at Mary Baldwin University

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I believe biblical interpretation consists of cultural, communal, and contextual practices; in other words, human enterprises. See More


I believe that teaching and learning consist of dynamic and complex interactions and encounters. See More


I foster religious literacy and engagement with a sense of civic and global responsibility for the students on campus. See More

About Dr. Katherine Low

I am Associate Professor of Religious Studies, part of an outstanding Philosophy and Religion Department at Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia. I also serve as Chaplain to the College and direct the interfaith Quest program on campus. My faculty profile is highlighted in an expanded online version of Boldy Baldwin: The Mary Baldwin University Magazine, Winter 2012 – Vol. 25 No. 1.

About Dr. Katherine Low

I teach Religion courses, including introductory level courses on the Bible. My favorite courses to teach are ones centered around biblical interpretation. I also teach Women and Religion and love to introduce Mary Baldwin students to the impacts women have made in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

With a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biblical Interpretation from Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, I specialize in the Hebrew Bible and retain interests in cultural and gender studies, which led to my obtaining a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. I am a dynamic and creative biblical scholar and teacher who loves to introduce students to the wonders of my discipline.

During my undergraduate education, I studied abroad two semesters because I took my education seriously as a member of a global community. My semester in Israel and the West Bank introduced me to biblical contexts and to the fascinating intricacies of religious and biblical studies. I’ve been delighting in the study of biblical texts and contexts now for over ten years. While at Brite Divinity School, I received a Master of Divinity degree and served the Texas Christian University campus as a ministerial intern and as an ordained UCC campus minister. I’ve gained academic experience in a variety of ways, including arranging and mediating several panel discussions on campus, assisting professors with editorial projects, and presenting papers at multiple conferences. My course work expanded across many disciplines, reaching into art history, film studies, and multidisciplinary women’s studies. I have the ability to mingle cultural and gender studies with biblical studies in fresh ways. This comes through in my use of reception history as a method of interpretation. While focusing on the core of the discipline in my classes, I use references to popular culture to illustrate principles at work in the study of the humanities.

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About My Book

My new book, The Bible, Gender, and Reception History: The Case of Job's Wife is available through Bloomsbury Publishing.

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