Women & Worldviews

Episode #6: Maya: African American Baptist

Maya explores what it means to be a woman in a black Baptist tradition while studying other religions during college.
She shares her ideas about God and gives advice to African American women entering college.

Episode #5: Madeleine: Pagan Searching for Truth

Madeleine shares her life-long eclectic pagan journey and what it means to graduate with a degree in History in an era of "fake news."

Episode #4: Alien: Covenant, Biblical Themes and Women

Alien: Covenant PosterAlien: Covenant Poster

Dr. Katherine Low discusses biblical themes with a focus on women that emerge for her in Ridley Scott's Alien series after watching Alien: Covenant.

Episode #3: Holly: Advice for Graduates

Holly graduated several years ago from a women's college. She gives advice, talks about struggles with mental health, current immigration issues, and what religious diversity means for her today as a school teacher.

Episode #2: Bri: Redefining Evangelical Christianity

Bri, who grew up in a military family, interprets service, submission, and patriotism from within an evangelical Christian worldview.

Episode #1: Milagro: Latina-American Catholic

Milagro, an undergrad, talks about growing up Catholic, living as a first-generation Latina in America, and how she relates to religion today.