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Episode #12: Ashley: African American Spirituals

The music of a women's college gospel choir, Anointed Voices of Praise, is featured in this episode alongside graduating senior and music major, Ashley. While offering advice for young African American women entering college, Ashley also answers questions about the powerful imagery of spirituals.

Episode #11: Spiritual Resolutions

Interviewing students on a busy women's college campus to talk about their worldviews and spiritual resolutions for 2018.

Episode #10: The Star: Empire, Animals, and Biblical Nativity

Biblical scholar, religious studies professor, and a mom, talks about the movie The Star. The biblical accounts are discussed in light of talking animals. The animated film falls short on some elements but it emphasizes well subversive power in the age of empire.

Episode #9: Universal Children's Day

To honor Universal Children's Day, Dr. Low's eight year old daughter helps explain rights for children while religious and biblical traditions regarding childhood are discussed.

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Episode #8: Day of the Dead

After giving an altar blessing for Day of the Dead on a college campus, Dr. Low interviews students about what the holiday means to them.

Episode #7: Peace Day

Sharing the moment of silence that commemorated International Peace Day on a college campus, Dr. Katherine Low reflects on religion and peace. A choir of students from the women's college also performs.

Episode #6: Maya: African American Baptist

Maya explores what it means to be a woman in a black Baptist tradition while studying other religions during college.

She shares her ideas about God and gives advice to African American women entering college.

Episode #5: Madeleine: Pagan Searching for Truth

Madeleine shares her life-long eclectic pagan journey and what it means to graduate with a degree in History in an era of "fake news."

Episode #4: Alien: Covenant, Biblical Themes and Women

Alien: Covenant PosterAlien: Covenant Poster

Dr. Katherine Low discusses biblical themes with a focus on women that emerge for her in Ridley Scott's Alien series after watching Alien: Covenant.

Episode #3: Holly: Advice for Graduates

Holly graduated several years ago from a women's college. She gives advice, talks about struggles with mental health, current immigration issues, and what religious diversity means for her today as a school teacher.

Episode #2: Bri: Redefining Evangelical Christianity

Bri, who grew up in a military family, interprets service, submission, and patriotism from within an evangelical Christian worldview.

Episode #1: Milagro: Latina-American Catholic

Milagro, an undergrad, talks about growing up Catholic, living as a first-generation Latina in America, and how she relates to religion today.